Monday, June 2, 2014

Introducing the "Archived GRIB Routing"

The idea here is like replacing the pilot charts with some GRIBs stored in some composites you have already archived, to plan a trip for example.
At sea, the GRIBs you will download will provide a reliable forecast for about 3 days. After that, it's more like science fiction...
By looking into your archived composites, you can have a look at the weather that actually happened.
This brings us back to the importance of naming conventions, mentioned in the User's Manual.

Here is a quick step-by-step introduction to the feature.

Click on the images to see them in full size, easier to read.

Open the Weather Wizard as usual, without loading any data.
Re-locate the chart to the desired area, if needed.
Next, plot the start and arrival points. Let's try here to go from the SF Bay Area to the Christmas Island, in the Kiribati Republic.
Next, go to the menu Tools > Routing > Routing from Archived GRIBs
You will be prompted to choose the directory containing the composites containing the GRIBs you are interested in, and the Regular Expression filtering them. Just in case you forgot, ".*" will select everything (no filter).
The application will tell you how many composites your selection will return, they will be used to build one single BIG GRIB document that will be used to compute the routing.
One important thing to be careful with: By default, the application suggests you to start the routing at the current time and date. As you can see on the dialog, the GRIB start and end dates do not contain the current date. You need to change the date you want to start the routing from, so it is within the GRIB date range.
Now, the routing start date is within the GRIB's range.
From now on, the process is the usual routing one. Except that the GRIB will probably not expire.
You can tell by the color of the isochrones that the GRIB did indeed not expire.
Note: Once the big GRIB has been generated, it is loaded in the application, just like if it had been downloaded from the net, or read from the disc. You can re-launch a routing computation without having to re-generate it, until you close the tab it lives in.

This feature is still in development, it will be available very soon.
Hope you will lilke it!

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