Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Custom Micro Pattern

The micro patterns rely on two main features:
  • A background
  • GRIB Smoothing
The GRIB Smoothing is not a problem, and the value it can take are now available in the pattern editor.
The problem can come from the backgrounds. Up to now, they refer to an image, part of a jar, accessed through a getResource() method.
In order for the user to be able to come up with his own patterns, there is now "protocol" for the background.
Click the image to enlarge it. Notice in the fax URL (a background is just a non-transparent fax), it begins with ext-resource://.
Whatever is after that is the URL of the image you want to set as a background. In this case, it is picked up in the resources directory. But it can come from the web as well, it just has to begin with http://...
Notice beside the "Projection" drop down list, you now also have the possibility not to display the chart contour.
The GRIB smoothing parameters we talked about before are the 2 last parameters at the bottom of the dialog displayed above.