Saturday, February 11, 2012

Polar Stereographic Projection

Many faxes, several satellite pictures (like this), from US NOAA, UK MET, Germany DWD, French Meteo France, are using some conic projection I could not figure... it was not Lambert, not Conic Equidistant...
Fritz (from Wien, Austria) told me that could be a Stereographic projection.
I tried it, implementing it in the ChartComponent project...
Obviously, that was not right...

After watching the fax from the UK MET, the geostrophic scale explicitly says "Polar Stereographic Projection". Aha! There we are:

Now we are talking! Polar, that's all the difference.
Now, we can even stack a GRIB on top, that really makes sense.
Kudos to Fritz!

It's now available in the Weather Wizard.
More patterns are coming soon, keep posted.