Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Micro Patterns

Combining the chart backgrounds and the GRIB smoothing, we can come up with a local pattern, which can actually make some sense, specially for local conditions (wind and kite surfers might be interested).
The image above is the display of the following request:
It is displayed with a GRIB 2D smoothing of 6 (cells are 10x10 nm) and a time smoothing of 3 (one frame every hour). The total time is one week, that makes 168 frames.
At the entrance of the San Francisco Bay, the wind goes from WSW on Wednesday at 06:00 UTC, to South and 12:00 UTC, to North on Friday at 00:00 UTC. Interesting...
This feature - and the associated background - will be available soon, in the next patch version of the software.