Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GoogleMap & wind Improvements

Some improvements have been added to the GRIB visualization in Google Map

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dynamic Patterns

We introduced a while back this concept of pattern. Once you have reshaped all several faxes to fit your needs, you can "replay" the re-shaping step by creating a pattern out of it, so you can apply it again on other similar faxes, stored on your file system. That is pretty convenient, when you use the GetFax utility from SailMail, which stores the downloaded files on your disk.
We have also added some features, allowing you, when you are planning a trip, to download from the UI faxes from the Internet. In that case, you download the fax(es) from the net, save them on your disk, and then apply a pattern on them. Mmmh..., there is room for improvement here!
This is where we've introduced the concept of dynamic pattern, containing the URLs of the faxes to download before applying a pattern on it.
As a result, the picture below is just two clicks away. One to invoke the dynamic pattern, another one to show the result in Google Earth... Google Map behaves the same. Click on it to enlarge.It is made out of three faxes:
  1. North Pacific Surface Analysis
  2. North Pacific 500mb analysis
  3. Central Pacific Streamlines
Notice that this last one has to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise, as it comes from the net on its side. This rotation is now part of the pattern as well.